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Research plays an important role in the transportation planning process. It allows us to direct planning efforts in a manner that will help resolve needs and strengthen the current transportation system.

Public Opinion Research

MetroPlan Orlando has partnered with the University of Central Florida to conduct transportation-focused public opinion research since 2001. The statistically-valid research helps us keep a pulse on community opinion of various transportation issues and is an important piece of our public involvement efforts. To see results of our most recent public opinion survey, click here.

Tracking the Trends

MetroPlan Orlando researches current Central Florida trends to help plan for the region's transportation needs. Tracking regional trends gives us insight into where the transportation system is doing well and what areas may need improvement. It also gives us an indication of future needs.

Some of the statistics from the latest edition include: traffic counts, vehicle miles traveled, Central Florida demographics, and data on traffic crashes. Our most recent report, published in June 2016, compiles date through the end of the 2015 calendar year. Click here to view the Tracking the Trends report.

Travel Time and Delay Study

Since 2007, MetroPlan Orlando has ranked retiming and coordination of traffic signals as a top priority to mitigate traffic congestion, make roadways efficient and improve air quality and safety.  Each year, traffic signal timing plans are implemented on selected corridors.

A Travel Time and Delay Study is conducted on these corridors to collect data such level of service, travel speeds, and travel times before implementation of a new signal timing plan.  A second travel time data collection effort occurs after the signal timing plan has been completed. Click below to view the latest version of our Travel Time and Delay Study.

Travel Time Study -- 2016

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Research Archive 

Visit our research archive to view other studies commissioned by MetroPlan Orlando.