Long Range Transportation Plan

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) covers a 20-year period and identifies current and future needs based on population projections and travel demand. The plan is updated every five years to reflect the changing dynamics of the region.  Projects must be included in the long range plan to receive federal funding.

The region is currently guided by the 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan, and work on the long range plan for the year 2040 is under way. Creating a long range plan involves two important pieces: a technical process and a public involvement process.

The technical process involves three phases: 1) developing the commuter models that will be used to project future travel demand; 2) identifying broad needs and available funding options; and 3) determining a list of projects that are financially feasible by prioritizing transportation needs identified during the second phase.

The long range planning process also includes getting feedback from the community.  Before the board adopts an LRTP, it gives explicit consideration to public input as well as the recommendations of the region's transportation planners.

The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

Blueprint 2040 logo for LRTP The Long Range Transportation Plan for the year 2040 was approved by the MetroPlan Orlando Board on June 11, 2014, after months of technical work and community outreach.

The 2040 plan stresses safety, multi-modal transportation options and a conservative fiscal approach.

A public hearing for the 2040 LRTP was held on June 4 and attended by some 100 residents. See more about the public hearing here.

Technical work has concluded, as has public outreach -- guided by the public involvement plan for the 2040 plan.

The next steps will be completing documentation and submitting the 2040 plan to the Florida Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration

To see a video of about the LRTP by Alex Trauger, manager of long range planning, click here.

See the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan documents approved by the board below:

2040 LRTP Board Adoption Packet

Jun 13, 2014 • 2.15Mb

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The 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan


Board Adopts LRTP - 275 px
This is the plan under which the region has been most recently operating.  The MetroPlan Orlando Board adopted the 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan in August of 2009. While previous updates primarily focused on transportation, the 2030 Plan also connected land use and transportation by incorporating an alternative land use in the planning process. The result is a plan with strong support for smart growth principles, significant emphasis on transit, and a larger financial investment in the region's transportation network.

To create a plan best representing the Central Florida community, MetroPlan Orlando used many innovative public involvement strategies and tools to gather input for the 2030 plan.

This video discusses MetroPlan Orlando's transportation long range planning process and features people who live and work in Central Florida.


Amendments to the 2030 Plan

From time to time, it is necessary to amend the long range plan if changes need to be made to the cost feasible or needs portions of the plan.  The 2030 LRTP has been amended four times.  The links below provide more information on each amendment.