Since transportation is a key factor shaping growth, effective long-range planning is critical to accommodate Central Florida's projected population. Projections for Central Florida completed by show the region doubling in size by 2050.  Such population growth will no doubt put a strain on the transportation system.

MetroPlan Orlando's mission is to provide leadership in planning a balanced transportation system. Our systematic and cooperative planning process helps the region preserve the natural environmental beauty, quality of life, and economic opportunities that make this a world-class destination. 

Click on each button below to learn more about our federally-required plans and programs.  To view all of the plans in our archive, click here.

The Long Range Transportation Plan provides the 20-year transportation blueprint for Central Florida.

The Prioritized Project List contains a list of unfunded highway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian projects that have been prioritized for funding.

The Transportation Improvement Program is our five-year plan that assigns available funding to specific projects.

MetroPlan Orlando's robust bicycle and pedestrian planning program aims to establish regional connections for these forms of active transportation.

The Unified Planning Work Program contains goals and objectives to be accomplished by MetroPlan Orlando staff and establishes the annual budget.

The Public Involvement Plan guides all of MetroPlan Orlando’s outreach activities and includes objectives, strategies and measurement tools.

The archive contains all plans and programs produced by MetroPlan Orlando.

MetroPlan Orlando adheres to the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination in any program receiving federal assistance, and relevant provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.