Transportation Mode:

The single-occupant vehicle is the most popular type of transportation in our region. Providing options for automobile travel is essential, including highways, express lanes, toll roads, major arterials and local roads. Making the most of our current road network is increasingly important as the available space for widening roads decreases. 

MetroPlan Orlando’s transportation planning process includes management and operations projects, which aim to reduce congestion, improve quality of life, decrease vehicle emissions, and increase safety. 

Management and operations tools include traffic light synchronization, variable speed limit signs, Road Rangers, and technology like Intelligent Transportation Systems (electronic signs that provide drivers with travel times and notification of accidents or congestion). Real-time traffic management gives travelers accurate and timely information and also helps emergency responders.

Highway Projects

For information on transportation projects that will take place over the next five years, take a look at our Transportation Improvement Program. The plan is updated annually and assigns funding to specific projects.

For information about the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority or E-PASS, visit the Expressway Authority.  

The American Association of State Highway & Transportation Office (AASHTO) is an association that works together to foster an integrated national transportation system. Click here to visit the AASHTO website

reThink Your Commute 

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If you’re interested in connecting with commuters to share the ride to work by carpooling or vanpooling, check out reThink’s website. reThink also helps employers develop programs to reduce employee commute trips, which helps save money for both the employer and the employee.